The development of special education sector has been identified as a high priority focus area by Government of the Punjab. It has therefore taken a number of initiatives for the welfare of special children including enhancement in enrollment, employment of teachers, improving the quality of facilities to the disabled students and initiation of a series of activities to improve the standard of instructions. As an independent department, established in 2003, for special education; it has achieved remarkable results in this respect.
Now there is a need to consolidate the efforts and to plan further progress in key focus areas including ensuring stable and predictable financial flows for the sector, ensuring maximum coverage of special students for providing them educational facilities, preparation of policy on education for children with disabilities, adoption of internationally accepted best practices, vocational training, establishment of international rehabilitation center for the disabled and establishment of IT labs.
Education Department also aims to upgrade the system of special education institutions/centers to provide quality services including skill development, socializing, economic empowerment, recreation and sports, etc. to disabled students at their door step to enable them to become more self-supportive and contributing member of the society despite their disability.