Seniority Lists

Date Order No. Description Employee File
August 24, 2021 SO(ESTT.)42-57/2018 Tentative Seniority List Assistants (BS-16)
July 26, 2021 SO(ESTT.)3-27/2016 (Head-18/VI) Final Seniority List Headmaster of Visual Impaired field (BS-18)
July 16, 2021 SO(ESTT.)11-1/2019 Final Seniority List Assistant Director/Programme Officer/Statistical Officer working under Directorate General of Special Education
June 24, 2021 SO(ESTT.)1-16/2016 Reply on (Request for Issuance of Final Seniority List) Ms. Rehana Naeem, Ms. Robina Shaheen & Mr. Inayat Ullah
June 14, 2021 SO(ESTT.)42-57/2018 Final Seniority List Assistants (BS-16)
March 15, 2021 SO(ESTT.)3-27/2/2016 Seniority List Headmaster of Hearing Impaired field (BS-18)
March 12, 2021 SO(ESTT.)3-27/Devolved/1/2018 Seniority List Senior Teacher (BS-17 /BS-18) Devolved working under Special Education Department Punjab
March 04, 2021 SO(ESTT.)33-60/2015 Tentative Seniority List Senior Scale Stenographers (BS-16)
March 04, 2021 SO(ESTT.)3-27/2019 (SSET.VI) Final Seniority List S.S.E.T (VI)
February 03, 2021 SO(ESTT.)3-27/2020 Final Seniority List Lecturers (BS-17) Government. Degree Colleges of Special Education Department